Business Wellness Symposium


What is
Business Wellness Symposium?

Calling all Northeast Florida business owners, C-suite, and key players in leadership. How well-rounded are your business goals?
Do you occasionally need to step outside of your own organization for a fresh perspective? Let’s connect, stay inspired, and keep one another accountable. We meet quarterly at The Palencia Club to network and hear from speakers who will keep us focusing on true wellness and resiliency in our businesses. 

This year we are exploring three key guiding principles: TRANSFORMATION – EMPOWERMENT – RESILIENCY.
This group is about personal connection in business. Loosen your tie, let your hair down, hey, take your shoes off if you want! You are among friends, here to sharpen one another — to help each other grow and thrive.

We welcome you!




Who We Are

We know you can relate: We as business owners, C-suite, and other key decision-makers often have the weight of the world on our shoulders. Our families, our teams, our business operations, and stability – is it any wonder we rarely have time to take care of ourselves?

We come from a service and hospitality background — Erica in the wellness & travel industry, and Juan Carlos, in his past life (before financial planning), a restauranteur.

Creating a hospitable space where unique business leaders could let their guard down and find refreshment, camaraderie, and inspiration?
Yes, we could do that.

And thus the Business Wellness Symposium was born.

Our Sponsors

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Let's Bring Wellness + Business Together