Nature is an effective teacher. You’ll discover it “speaks” to you when you slow down enough to listen. Erica will show you how to engage with nature in relational ways, engaging all your senses, and listening with both heart and mind.

Day Experiences

Serving Jacksonville, St. Johns, and St. Augustine areas.

Northeast Florida

Locals: Finding it difficult to get away for a multiday trip, but need some relaxation now?

Visitors: Looking for a little vitamin N (“nature”) on your visit to North Florida?

Join us for our day events, right here in Northeast Florida.

We love our home base, and we know you do, too! Whether at our stunning retreat center in Jacksonville, or out and about in nature,step away from the stresses of daily life, or the shoulder-to-shoulder tourist areas, and experience the natural beauty of First Coast and its inland treasures. Find your calm, your joy, your capacity for going with the flow of life.

Based in the principles of shinrin-yoku (forest bathing), our day experiences are sure to boost all the systems of your body, including your cardiovascular, immune, cognitive, and nervous systems.

Yes, it’s highly researched! Nature “speaks” to your body’s many systems, recalibrating them to optimal function.

Best of all, you’ll find quality relaxation and reflection coupled with warm hospitality. This is where you carve out a margin in your daily activity. So hard to do on our own – let’s partner with nature and make it happen!

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