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We are happy to welcome you on journeys of mindful exploration and rejuvenation!

Join one of our luxury group Wellness Journeys, offered in off-the-beaten-path locales around the world. Experience a slower pace of travel, where you will find long-lasting rejuvenation, relational connection, and inspiration.


Delight in the unexpected - you will never feel over-scheduled with Return Refreshed. Tap into your own inner journey as you explore the beautiful destinations we visit. Our Experience Guides will share with you our favorite spots and experiences, but we also encourage you to discover on your own!


Slow down to immerse yourself in nature and culture. Whether in ocean, mountains, hot springs, or desert, your body will feel the healing effects of the natural world, and our local partners will empower you to connect more deeply with local daily rhythms.


Step away from the daily grind and reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. We offer luxury accommodations in stunning locales around the world, full of natural wonder. Our Wellness Guides are here to serve you throughout your entire journey. Come away inspired and refreshed.

May 8 – 18, 2024
March 31-April 2, 2023
October 23-25, 2023
26th April – 3rd May 2024

Take a Journey with Us!

“Erica combines extraordinary listening and visionary skills to create experiences beyond one’s imagination. Her intuition and competencies in refreshing the mind, body, and spirit make her business utterly memorable and unique in the “retreat” marketplace. ADVANCE with “Return Refreshed”!!””

“So much more than a yoga retreat. Words cannot express how my heart has changed, and how the walls I have built have crumbled. To know my value, my worth. That I am loved, precious, and cherished by my Heavenly Father. I am so thankful.”

“Erica arranged my first dream trip abroad to England, France, and Italy. I had never been out of the United States except to Canada and Mexico on day trips so the thought of planning 2 weeks abroad was so daunting. But for her knowledge of, and years of experience traveling overseas, I would not have been able to have the trip that turned out to rank among the best travel experience I have ever had.”

“I didn’t want just to be a tourist but wanted to be immersed in the daily living of each country, so on top of planning for my “must haves”, she opened up new experiences with locations, lodgings, transportation, entertainment, shopping, fabulous local restaurants, and just being part of daily living in each culture. I plan to return to France in 2023 with Return Refreshed and can’t wait to experience what she has for me this time.”

“Erica combines extraordinary listening and visionary skills to create experiences beyond one’s imagination. Her intuition and competencies in refreshing the mind, body, and spirit make her business utterly memorable and unique in the “retreat” marketplace. ADVANCE with “Return Refreshed”!!”

If you are like me and love to travel but get overwhelmed with all the arrangements, you MUST contact Erica. Even if you don’t know where you want to go, she will take the time to interview you and discover your travel “style”, likes and dislikes, etc. She sent the most detailed personalized travel itinerary with multiple options for travel, accommodations, restaurants, attractions, and even books to read set in the various locations! She is knowledgeable, prompt, oh-so-fun, and easy to work with!

““The Forest Therapy program was very interesting. I think that it could be very beneficial for some folks to help “escape” from the busy world and get re-energized, getting closer to nature and ourselves. It gave a unique perspective of nature and our relationship to it.”

“I fell in love with Erica and Return Refreshed from the moment I learned of these journeys. The idea of fully immersing myself in a mind, body, and soul journey speaks to the very core of my being. It is a practice I continue to learn as I pause in nature therapy for ultimate awareness and mind-body melding.”

“In getting to know Erica and spending time networking with her, I have learned so much about Return Refreshed and the life-changing services that she provides. In fact, my best friend and I are booking a trip this year! We can’t wait to experience our Return Refreshed Journey! We are so excited!”

“I want you to know I thoroughly enjoyed the meditation walk. All the sharing topics made me focus in new ways. In the future, I will view all of the glories of nature differently.”

“Highly Recommend.”

If you are looking for a place to ease your mind and thoughts, and reconnect with yourself and those closest to you, reach out to Erica. Very knowledgeable and has a passion for helping others. Highly recommended.

As the keynote speaker at our recent Village B2B networking event, Erica delivered a captivating and compelling talk on Wellness Travel for Busy Professionals. Her message hit home and really resonated with the audience and her engagement was delightful and energetic as well. I highly recommend Erica as a speaker for any such events related to her field.

I can’t say enough good things about Erica. to be quite honest, I admit that I wasn’t the best client. Due to a last-minute availability in my schedule, I frantically called her last minute to squeeze in a quick getaway. I had no real idea of where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do, only that I needed to get away. After only a few brief conversations, Erica design a tailor-made vacation for me with the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation. If it wasn’t for her skillful planning, I definitely would have ended up paying way more for my vacation if I’d planned it on my own. Erica is highly knowledgeable, friendly, and cares about her clients. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a travel professional.

Hi, I'm Erica!

Founder of Return Refreshed

I'm thrilled to welcome you to Return Refreshed. Be sure to follow along with us for our latest offerings, insights, and inspiration for tranquil living from around the world

The Tranquil Mama

Calling myself the Tranquil Mama is more of an aspiration, rather than something I’ve truly got nailed down. Can you relate? In today’s modern, disconnected, overstimulated world, we can go-go-go at the detriment of our mental and physical health. We “check out” in ways that are not strengthening us. Anxiety and depression are on the rise in children, teens, and adults.

Friends, it’s time to heal. It’s time to rediscover the strength we have deep within ourselves. It’s time to find connections where connections have been lost. It’s time to rediscover joy.

Travel, done right, brings whole-person wellness and fortitude.

For generations, my family has loved to wander the world, and from this legacy, my husband and I slowly developed what we call the Tranquil Travel paradigm. For us, traveling has never been a “checking out”, but rather a “checking in”, a recalibration of calming rhythms, of reconnecting with the enjoyment of life. We have found that through travel, the lessons we learn about ourselves and about our world are … dare we say … transformative.

All of our Wellness Journeys are founded in this Tranquil Travel philosophy of whole-person wellness. But friends, your refreshment is not limited to your vacation time. It should have lasting effects, so we’re thrilled to share inspiration for tranquil living with you through our Return Refreshed Newsletter.

Meet our global friends and co-laborers, who have been pursuing tranquil living enriched by their own passions and wellness cultures around the world. Discover more about the gorgeous locales we visit, get exclusive tranquility tips from our Wellness Guides, and explore new wellness activities that you MUST add to your tranquility toolbelt!

I’ll be sure to keep you posted on our offerings and incredible experiences awaiting you around the world — so that perhaps you can experience these global tranquility trends first-hand!

Feeling frenzied? Return Refreshed has got you covered.
Exploring Together,

Erica, the (Desperately Seeking) Tranquil Mama

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