Wisdoms of Japan: A J-Wellness Journey

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Wisdoms of Japan: A J-Wellness Journey

Immerse yourself in Japanese wellness practices, right from the source. Japan has the highest percentage of centenarians, and you’re going to explore why! Perhaps you will find your ikigai (meaning of life) through the kaizen (small but important improvements) you will learn on this Journey. Delight in Japan’s bathing culture by visiting ancient onsens (hot spring bath houses). Perhaps discover how to wabi-sabi (embrace your imperfections) through the art of kintsugi (broken pottery repaired with gold). Rejuvenate through the healing power of shinrin-yoku (forest bathing). Explore how the social practices of yuima-ru (your circle) and iki-iki (social connection) are key to your positive physical and mental health. This is a Wellness Journey not to be missed!

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